Spent time with a friend, came home late and can’t sleep. Just pondering how this beautiful, struggling friend continues to take care of others even in his own struggle. Which got me to thinking about all of us. We are all struggling, and intermittently victorious, people. Do we give in and make the struggle our identity? Or do we continue to fight to give and live out of a generosity of spirit?

I think simple gestures and efforts to meet the needs of others, regardless of our circumstance might be one of the most important ways we can remain emotionally healthy. I am never so far down or low that I can’t minister to someone else from my talents, abilities, and resources. I may go through a time where I need more intense support from others for a time, but that does not mean I get to check out completely. It may be a hug at the right time, a financial gift, spending time, a kind word, giving a ride, or sharing food. The options are boundless.

During one of the most devastating times in my life, my community stepped in and gave and supported and loved on me as I struggled to carry a great burden. It wasn’t one big moment. It was the consistent things they did over time that ministered to my body, heart, and mind. There were times those moments lifted me out of great darkness and encouraged me to go on when I didn’t think I could. Their willingness to help and love literally changed my life by making a way forward one day, and sometimes one moment, at a time. I would not be where I am without them.

I really just believe that if we all give from our worth and share our value with one another we will struggle less for it. Or at least the struggle will be mitigated to some degree. At the end of the day, we just need to not face struggle alone. There is nothing I can “fix” about what my friend is going through. But I can be there. I can care. I can demonstrate love in my efforts to help.

I pray we each embrace the power of giving that we may witness and receive the beauty and blessing of true generosity, kindness, and love.

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