Been thinking about a conversation I had recently about “feeling ready.” The idea that I can’t do something until I “feel ready” when facing new challenges, opportunities or changes. I get that if I want to go camping I should make a checklist, pack supplies, have a plan. But even then, I may encounter something I didn’t plan for. So I think it’s important to prepare for what we know and can, but what about the unknowns? What about taking risk?

So, I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I typically use “feeling ready” as the excuse to not move forward at all. Most of the things that matter, that I really want to accomplish or just try, do not require “feeling ready.” I think they require the willingness to feel the discomfort of the unknown. If I wait to feel confident, I will never grow through experience, which is what actually builds my confidence. I didn’t “feel ready” for parenthood, college, marriage, my career, or my new jobs. I don’t “feel ready” to be a podcaster, blogger or vlogger. I just know I want all those experiences and challenges more than I wanted to feel comfortable or safe. I wanted to embrace the risk it took to begin, to persevere, and to grow.

No more “feeling ready” or worrying about “being ready.” And here I go…

Reminder to Self: BEING READY IS A MYTH

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