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Finding Real answers for Real Problems!

Finding real answers for real problems!
Hello and welcome to POP Coach Life where we are
pursuing Purpose Over Perfection. 
Here at Pop Coach, we believe in finding the courage to
We boldly admit that we have real problems, are getting
out of  our comfort zone, and overcoming barriers to
So if you want to live that kind of a life, and you're tired of
being stuck in a rut, then the Pop Coach life is for you. 
Here you will find tools and resources to help you take that
next step. Here you will find real answers for real
problems. Here you will be empowered with information
and options.
Everything, from the podcast to the articles to the personal
coaching experience, is geared to equip you in letting go
of “familiar but failing” patterns and boldly choose “small
shifts” to create the life and relationships you want step by
The founder of the Pop Coach Life, Sharon Smaga,
believes that we can all find the courage to change and
take charge of ourselves and change our relationships in
profound ways. She will challenge and encourage you in
equal measure, always with a desire to set you up for
So take a look around, and check out the free content.
The POPcoachlife podcast and social media value content

are provided at no charge- simply follow and enjoy. Reap
the benefit of her 23 years of knowledge and experience in
working with individuals, couples and families as a
therapist and personal coach.
If you want to pursue a more personalized path, tailored to
your exact needs, you can reach out and request a one-
on-one coaching experience with Sharon. Coaching
services may include: face-to-face video sessions,
telephonic sessions, texting and email interactions, as
best suites your needs and preferences.
She will provide personalized support and dynamic
interactions to fuel and guide you on your change
pathway. She will help you identify your wants and needs
and learn how to effectively communicate them to others.
She will partner with you creating a starting point for
change and strategies to maximize your results. She will
help you identify healthy boundaries, when to say yes, and
how to say no. She will challenge you to leverage risk and
overcome fear. She will help you identify your individual
strengths and find ways to apply them in line with your
natural temperament and personality. Her ability to
challenge, teach and support you creates a trifecta
experience enabling you to create the life you want. And
her influential and passionate style will convince you when
you doubt yourself.

If this resonates as the solution you’ve been looking for,
connect with Sharon now to schedule your first contact
and begin your life-changing journey.


Here are some of the areas that Sharon is offering her expertise to help you find solutions to your problems.

Emotional Well-Being

Can’t stop beating yourself up and getting stuck in negative thinking?
Discover how to capture, examine, and reset your thoughts to enhance peace, contentment and joy.


Tired of constant conflict and struggle?
Discover how to connect, communicate, embrace intimacy, live in the power of choice, and use your voice boldly.

Healthy Boundaries

Are you tired of feeling like a doormat? Experiencing chronic resentment and don’t know why?
Discover how boundaries protect relationships and help you say yes with joy and no without feeling guilty.

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